Aug 2012 15

GRG produces its first agriculture report!

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As part of the Ambassador’s Self-Help Grant from the US Embassy in Kampala, GRG provided agricultural inputs and training for all of its groups in early 2012. Each group selected different inputs, with some opting for vegetable seeds, others for ...

Jul 2012 09

GRG goes mobile! Donate today using MTN’s Mobile Money service

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GRG has recently signed up to Mobile Money through MTN. This means that you can donate straight into GRG's account with only a few clicks of your mobile phone! Our mobile money account is at 0779126937. For those in Uganda, you ...

Jun 2012 29

Community reintegration in the news – more support needed!

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Last week, IRIN published a story emphasising the chronic under-funding for reintegration activities in Northern Uganda. An investigation has found that only 5,335 out of 26,288 ex-combatants granted amnesty have formally received reintegration support, with ministers citing a lack of funds. ...

May 2012 31

Drama! Our innovative new partnership on Community Theater with the Justice and Reconciliation Project

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GRG teams up with the Justice and Reconciliation Project to facilitate an innovative reconciliation-through-theater project by Christopher Maclay This May, GRG established an exciting partnership with the Justice and Reconciliation Project (JRP) which will see two groups piloting an innovative reconciliation-through-theater project. In ...

Apr 2012 16

Acclaimed pianist Soheil Nasseri returns to Washington, April 20, in concert for Kony’s child soldiers

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Returning to Washington, DC for the first time since his highly acclaimed concert at Strathmore Hall (Washington Post), pianist Soheil Nasseri will perform Prokofiev, Beethoven, and Schubert in a recital on Friday, April 20th, 2012 in Old Town Alexandria.  The ...

Apr 2012 02

A warm welcome to Chris Maclay, our new Project Coordinator

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Christopher Maclay comes to GRG with a background in youth, conflict and livelihoods. He has worked with hard-to-reach youth in a range of contexts, from evaluating projects for former child soldiers in Liberia, to managing a youth entrepreneurship project in ...

Mar 2012 27

Under the Mango Tree – Field life

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By Brianna Kilcullen, outgoing Fellow in Fundraising in Gulu, Uganda Having the opportunity to work for GRG these past several months has been a real eye opening experience into not only the NGO world but also into the ...

Mar 2012 20

What’s in a Name? Local pride in northern Uganda

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By Federico Rodriguez Grassroots Reconciliation Group has been supporting over 35 groups through locally designed projects ranging from farming and animal husbandry to brick making and local village savings schemes. When a group is formed their members choose a name in ...

Mar 2012 14

Kony 2012: Washington Post highlights GRG´s work as a way to help

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As the Kony 2012 viral campaign continues to expand, you can do more then push "like" or share the link on your friend's Facebook wall.  You have the opportunity to connect the dots just like the little boy did in ...

Jan 2012 26

We turned onto a narrow, dusty track… Our first monthly donor’s visit to GRG’s projects

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By Megnote Belayneh My experience in Gulu was one of the most insightful, educational and moving experiences of my entire life. Not only did I get to experience another country firsthand, but I also had the opportunity to learn about the beauty ...